Pentium d vs core duo e4700

I have a pentium d 925 3.0 800fsb 946gz cpu. i want to up grade to faster chip been told the core 2 duo are better by far. My mother board is an acer 946gz havent been able to find anything on this mother board closet thing i have found is one by intel but not the same. So i was told the i can run a core 2 duo with only an 800fsb speed chip. but i have seen a pentium d 960 3.6 800 fsb. The core 2 duo e4700 is 2.6 800fsb. I want to know which of these 2 chip would be faster. the the pentium d 960 or the e4700 and why? i thought the pentium d 960 with 3.6 vs the e4700 with 2.6 please explain? and thank you
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  1. E7400 is faster by a significant amount amount. Clock speed is meaningless, you have to look at benchmarks to compare CPUs.
  2. hey turbo jus a clarification dude...he is indicating E4700 and not E7400...

    And lotspw u can get the E5200 rather than the is newer and better...wit same 800 FSB...
  3. And yes u can easily see noticable difference in their performance...the newer proc are more efficient and have higher performance per cycle than the older processors...
  4. lookup the fastest 65nm core2 cpu in dual core with a 800mhz fsb and that's what you will likely be able to stick in it ... check the bios for the mobo though.

    E4700 ??
  5. I might be wrong.........but the E5200 is 45nm and 946g mobo wont suport it. E4700 is the only viable choice. Maybe check for the compatibilty on intel site.
  6. I went for a safer bet too ... hence 65nm @ 800fsb.

    Would still be better than a 960 space heater @ 3.6Ghz I imagine ...

    The 925 in it is a dual ... so it would be reasonable to expect the chipset to support an early 65nm Conroe dually ... hence the E4700.

    The early mobos would not handle a 45nm cpu ... voltage planes are unsuitable.
  7. Der ... dumb Aussie git ...
  8. E4700 is by far the better pick here. The Pentium D is essentially 2 P4's stuck together at 90nm. These things are way too hot, plus the wattage is bad too. Evan at 65nm, the E4700 will kick butt. Be sure to double check compatibility with your older motherboard, this older chipset will set you back. I would recommend flashing the BIOS before installing a new CPU. Be sure you have LGA775.
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