I5 750 Good Overclocker?

I want to buy a used i5 750, a good OCér

i have this purposal

i5 750@2,67

idle Vcore is 0.888, LOAD 1.256v

Wich means at 3,2ghz in CPU-z voltage is 1.256v, is that good?

is this a Good Océr i have

Asus P7P55 LE
Scythe Yasya
Geil Gaming EVO One 10660 C7
Antec TP 750
Antec p193

Later i will get Corsair H50
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  1. Well I can't really say about your other components, but the CPU is a great OCer. I got it to 3.6ghz with 1.18vcore, 1.17VTT. I've heard people going that high at stock vcore with a bit more VTT (which I intend to try!). I have it stable at 3.8ghz now tho, 1.27 vcore 1.28 VTT (IIRC).
  2. My MB is great Sythe Yasya is a 120mm High Performance as almost as good as the Noctua CP12.
    My PSU is even to hx-750
    Memories are for OC´s, thanks for your help i was about to buy a AMD x6 xD

    i know i5 are good OCér just i want to know this one is a goood one in Particular!
  3. I don't think 3.2GHz is very good, the stock chips will reach about that on one core in standard turbo mode.

    I have built 3 machines with i5-750 chips. Two of them reached 3.9GHz, one reached 3.8GHz. I used Xigmatek coolers on all 3 of them.
  4. Dont Buy a Used CPU! ever! Especially a chip that is known To OC well!

    Besides that i would look at a slightly better Air Cooling system, the H50 Is over rated

    Follow this link, choose a HSF in The top 10 (Intel Performance) And start Saving


    Personal favorite is the CNPS10XQuiet... IT's a good Value vs Price component and is only about 0.02 'C over ambient different to the Noctua N4H-D18

    Good Luck!:D

    Welcome to toms hardware
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