USB memory stick/card being burnt out / malfunctioning

Someone must know how to check USB ports to make sure they are working properly so i don't burn out any more USB sticks ... so far 3 have been burnt out/disabled. In device manager under USB (Universal Serial Bus Controller) a UNKNOWN device shows up.

IE. USB not recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.

I am pretty sure the USB port i plug it into was bad (had a short i think) so just want to be able to test a USB port that i think might be bad before i use it again with a USB stick and destroy more USB memory sticks / cards.

Someone must have a solution... please don't guess unless u are reasonably sure.
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  1. You would need a loopback device and associated software. Or a multimeter and the required knowledge of USB electronics and how to troubleshoot electrical faults. However, if the drives worked for a period of time a short is less likely. An intermittent fault, maybe.

    Check your "burnt out" devices on another computer.
    Definately stop using that port and the one beside it. If you have a desktop you may have an option for attaching USB pots to the front of the PC. Look at the motherboard specs, if it supports the connection of an additional USB bracket then get one. If all you have is the ones on the back of the PC then get an extention cable.

    If on another machine the USB detects, but reports itself as a 0MB device (or on your existing machine for that matter) then there is a HP USB boot utility that will work with most manufacturers USB memory devices. Just google it. It can be used to recover the USB drive. Usually a quick format will do the trick.
  2. yes the usb stick is burnt out .... tested on other computers.... same msg.
    yes a loopback device sounds like the answer but what is it and where can i get it?
    thats what i want ... a testing tool and/or software!!!!!!
    So thats the info i want and cannot find.
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  5. Yeah ....... i was hoping for a simple answer, course there isnt.
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