Really high temps need to be controled

OK. I have a Radeon HD5750 which seems to be heating up very fast when I am playing literally anything.
The highest temperature which it ever reached was 85C. I really do not want my video card to fry up so I want to increase the fan speed. SADLY, my Catalyst Control center for windows XP 32bit doesn't start up. Once i click Catalyst, CCC.exe and MOM.exe appear in task-manager and 5 seconds later get terminated. I need a program that increases my Fan speed for my video card. My fan speed is always at 40% and never gets higher when temperature increases. my proscessor is fine everthing is fine but i need faster fan speeds.

BTW i have already tried ATI tools, a small taskbar
which catalyst is really based on but it never changes the fan speed.

Please i need help.
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  1. Try reinstalling catalyst.

    If that doesn't work, you can use rivatuner to manually set the fan speed.
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