Creative ways to keep my baby(PC) safe from my baby(17month old)

Ok, not sure if this is the right place or not but I figure it could have to do with case modding of some sort and since there isnt a general folder I am posing here. Ok so I have myself, my wife and my son wedged into a small 1bedroom apartment. Computer is hooked to the living room TV, unfortunately that leaves it pretty much smack dab in the middle of the play area of a 17 month old. My wife refuses to allow me to rearrange the living room(I think its because she hates me but that is neither here nor there) so I am forced to get creative in protecting the computer from the child.

Currently while the computer is not in use it is covered with a small blanket to give some protection and basically as an out of sight out of mind thing for the baby. Obviously with static issues, the lack of water/milk/juice proof properties of blankets and just how stupid it looks this is a temporary fix. So to all you experts out there, modding being your specialty I need your creativity, your most off the wall ideas, anything you can come up with would be awesome. My current best idea is getting a different tv stand, one with cabinets on the sides and pulling the back fiberboard off to keep the back open to breath and cut a hole in the top to expose the antec 300's top fan to fresh air. Frankly I cant believe the subject doesnt come up more often with the millions of children on the face of the planet. Any help, ideas, solutions are much appreciated.

Thank you ahead of time.
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  1. Truth be known, I think the new TV stand will be your best bet. It'd be quite a challenge to make a milk proof PC case without sacrificing most air-flow.
  2. Well theres some other things you could try but people here may not agree with them.

    1 Get rid of the child

    2 You could try a klingon cloaking device making your PC invisible !

    3 try to make your PC look like a box of Vegetables, kids hate Veg, well I did anyway, that should keep the rug rat away.

    4 paint the PC case the same colour as your wall paper so it will be camouflaged

    5 make an hole in the floor 48cm by 20 cm depending on the size of your case and place your PC in it with a manual lift, then just roll your carpet back over the top when not in use, and no one will know its there, da daaa.

    6 Wonder if you could just have your PC streaming to your TV using a Wi Fi receiver, then you could put your PC some where else, and just use a wireless keyboard when your sat in front of your TV.

    Hmm , Im usless with children, I just assimilate them.
  3. All kidding aside, placing the pc inside a cabinet with a door that can be locked sounds like a very good idea providing there is adequate ventilation when the pc is in use. I just moved my pc from the bedroom to the living room so the pc could also be used with my home theater system. I'm toying with the idea of hiding my pc when I have visitors. I already have my printer hidden inside one cabinet. I just open the door when I want to use it. I have a second cabinet available for a pc. The biggest problem is the size of my current pc case. It's huge. Last night I was looking at smaller cases and desktop style cases.
  4. You know I was thinking, I could get a really long HDMI cable and place the computer somewhere else, since the HDMI is handling video and sound it shouldn't be too tough. Too bad those things are worth their weight in gold.

    UNICOMPLEX - I like your idea's, dont knock yourself, except for the getting rid of the child part. Thats just absurd, I guess I am a softy dad but you dont want to hear my rant on how amazing and fulfilling parenting is

    Mi1ez & Johnny Lucky - Thank you for the input guys, the TV stand I have now just misses the size of the antec 300 by about an inch in width and an inch in height. So close and yet so far. I am not sure what else I was hoping for as far as idea's but having a couple other people think the cabinet idea is a good one supports the fact that I am not least on this subject. Thanks

    Now, where to find a new TV stand...or an HDMI cable.....or a cloaking device....
  5. Here is the cheapest place to buy HDMI cables in the United States:

    The lab guys over at PC Magazine/CNET tested the cables and concluded they are just as good as those $100.00 cables. The lab guys now use the cables in the lab and and the editors of the magazine use the cables in their expensive high tech home theater systems. If you decide to go that route make sure you can easily route the cable without getting messy. There are several different type of cable shielding. Some are kind of stiff and designed for inside the wall installations.
  6. I was only joking about getting rid of the kid, the TV stand seems the simple option & the idea of a really long HDMI cable is ok apart from the price $100.00, eeek, what will your wife say when you wanna fork out 100.00 for a cable for the PC, we could do with that money for nappies ?
    You could mod the case to look like something else, it sounds mad but some look really cool and can go with your furniture,
    What ever you do you will end up spending money it seems.
  7. Klingon cloaks are totally non-scottish. Go to starbase 23 and ask for H.F. Mudd Jr.. He can set you up with a *real* 1.21 Jigga-watt Romulan unit for cheap.
  8. No, no, no guys you got it all wrong..

    What you need is a time machine..

    Zip into the future when the child is in his teens and then use the 64 core processor to work on...

    Duke Nukem will be out by then..

    Back to my serious side

    I went in to Ikea the weekend and they had a computer cabinet which you could put a lock on with space for all your games, Marvel action figures and porno mags on. ( The last thing the missus is wanting right now )..

    work a look at..if it fits

    edit oh hes got a large monitor... go for a 24 inch and put telly on wall :)
  9. protecting computer from child

    or protecting child from computer;

    that is the question :pt1cable:
  10. Hellboy said:
    No, no, no guys you got it all wrong..

    What you need is a time machine..

    Zip into the future when the child is in his teens and then use the 64 core processor to work on...

    Duke Nukem will be out by then..

    You think?
  11. If you had one of those pull-down doors that goes up into the attic, you could screw it onto the top side. Simply pull the door down to use it, push it back up when done! If you don't have one of those doors, just install one right in the center of your living room. No problem!
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