What kind of REALTEK audio chip in the HD 5870 video card?

Hi. I am going to buy a HD 5870 video card and I have read that it has incorporated a REALTEK audio chip. As the video card has a HDMI output I am wondering if I can connect that HDMI output to my set of HDMI input speakers so the video card will provide the sound for my PC instead of the onboard audio of my PC's motherboard. Do you know what kind or version of REALTEK audio chip it is and how would it compare in terms of sound quality with a Creative SoundBlaster card like the XFI or the like. Thanks a lot!
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  1. just get a sound card.
  2. The Realtek chip on the 5870 would be the same as Realtek's onboard HD Audio chip for motherboards I would assume. It sounds very good, but nothing compared to a dedicated sound card or top-quality motherboard chip.

    A cheap option would be something similar to what I have (SoundBlaster Audigy SE) for around £18, or just go for an X-FI and be done with it.
  3. Hmmm... well, my MSI P55GD65 uses Realtek and I have a 5850 which supports HDMI output. It advertises as "true bluray high def sound" and there's optic out and plenty of support for all set ups right up to 7.1. I think it's pretty good, while a dedicated sound card might be slightly better, you'd have to be a real audiophile to notice.
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