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I just bought a Foxconn CPU cooler, but when it arived I found that the spacing between the spring loaded mounting screws and the holes in the mother board do not match up. The MB is an Intel D875PBZ (Hyper-Threading). The Foxconn unit has a part no 364409-001 REV D. The mounting screws for the cooler are held in place with 2 brackets, one per side, each attached to the bottom of the coper heat sink with 2 screws. Looks like the best way to solve the problem is to replace the 2 brackets with 2 that have the correct alignment with the holes in the MB. Where can I find brackets with different spacing? Can you help?
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  1. Some links would have been nice :p

    Intel board:
    (It's a socket PGA478 board)

    Foxconn cooler:
    This is unclear, as I can't find the exact cooler, but it would appear to be a socket LGA 775 cooler, and without pictures (good ones) I would have to say you are better off buying a new cooler.

    I gather the original plastic brackets are gone?
  2. http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/bz/index.htm

    Your mobo is socket 478.

    364409-001 looks like a LGA775 HSF.

    Get another HSF to fit socket 478 mate ... pointless messing about with something like that as a n00b ... you will just smoke up the cpu.

    You can get a socket 478 HSF for the price of a 6 pack of beer.
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