Good value air cooler?

hey everyone, im in the middle of selecting different components for an i3-530 based gaming rig, but now its time to select a better cooler than stock.

Im probably not going to be overclocking this thing to the max so im not looking to spend TOO much money. the scythe mugen-2 revision B looked like a good buy off of one of the toms reviews but its not available on newegg anymore.
so, any ideas on what a good value cooler would be?

requirements are:
quiet (compared to stock)
better than stock cooling - basically any cooler out there

thanks a bunch! reviews are fine for the temps and stuff but when they talk about noise its all rated in decibels and im not sure how high the decibels are before the noise starts to get obnoxious.

for the motherboard im almost for sure going with the msi gd-65, so if the cooler would cover a ram slot its probably not in my interest :\
heres the board:

thanks in advance!

EDIT: forgot to mention that the cooler master hyper 212+ was one of my options, i just havent decided on going with that one yet :P
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  1. I just put one of the cooler master hyper 212+ on my 775 board, dropped the temps 5-7C from the old Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (old style). Shop around, I paid about $27 w/free shipping from
  2. does the 212+ come with thermal paste?
  3. Yes it comes with the thermal paste
  4. Read through this

    Choose 1 in the top 10 (Intel Temperature) And start saving

    My favorite is the Zalman CNPS10X Quiet. Its a good value for money cooler and all those coolers are so close that you could call them equal

    Good Luck And yes the Cm Hyper 212+ is also a very nice cooler especially if you go with an 80CFM fan
  5. ive heard alot of people recommending a bigger fan instead of the stock one that comes with the heatsink, i think its a 92cm? i wouldnt really think its a bit necessary, whats your opinion on that?
  6. Quote:
    Forget Frostytech, their tests are not accurate because they use the same thermal paste on all the heatsinkfans they test. This negates any advantage a particular manufacturer may have using a certain type of paste for a certain type of contact pad.

    If you notice their tests do not jive with other sites/magazines tests. For instance, Maximum PC rates the hyper 212+ as the best fan they have ever tested. Yet it fails to even make the top 10 on Frostytech. Why? Because the thermal paste they include is designed to work best on the exposed heatpipe design of the 212+. However Frostytech does not use it.

    Hyper 212+ for $29 can't be beat.

    Hey I just ordered a Sunbeam 120mm heatsink/fan. It will come with their own thermal paste, but I have also ordered arctive 5. Would it be wise for me to use the stock sunbeam thermal paste instead of the arctic 5?
  7. Did you Make sure that you ordered the one for the right slot (They make two versions of that cooler one for 775 and the other for 1366 the brackets aren't interchangeable)

    I personally would suggest using the Aftermarket cooler grease
  8. ^Cool Stuff^...Excuse the pun XD

    Just because i'm sure this question will come up

    How do you cure heat Paste?
  9. Just installed my sunbeam ccf 120mm. Dropped my temperature from 63celsius to 52celsius in prime95 running 4cores @100%

    becareful with this heatsink though. If you have tall ram chips then you can only install it with the fan Pulling air toward the rear exhaust since if you install the fan on the otherside it will hit the ram chips if the ram is tall. I have Gskill ripjaw ram.

    This fan was only $30.00 with free shipping newegg. It also comes with $15 mail in rebate so it's less than $20.00 with tax.
  10. This is very nice cooler, but im afraid about his weight, this cooler can damage mobo...
  11. Quote:
    How is that?

    I don't know, im just afraid. He is weight cooler, over 600gr.
  12. The CCF weighs 590, which is less than most of the bigger coolers.
  13. I currently have both the sunbean ccf and the coolermaster n520.

    The coolermaster seems heavier. It has two fans, but it is a smaller heatsink. The sunbean only comes with one fan and is larger, but sorta weighs less.
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  15. Misko195 said:
    This is very nice cooler, but im afraid about his weight, this cooler can damage mobo...

    I think he meant that the pressure that you have to apply to the mobo to mount it might damage the mobo?
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