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OK i am new to water cooling and i wanted to do a dual loop system. Although i do not wish to mod my case and wish to keep it all interior. However the only setup i can figure out using the corsair 800D is a triple 120 in top section of case and a 120 in rear of case. I'm wanting to cool cpu and 2 sapphire HD 5870 video cards. Anyone have any recommendations on what i can do?
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    Read that link thoroughly. Read read read read read. I've been looking at watercooling since 2006, and I still managed to screw it up. Google around, get some ideas, then post back with your findings. It's a very different beast than air cooling, and you have to be very well prepared for it.
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    Amen. Dunno where jedi read that parellel is best, a watercooling 10 gallon tank would be enough to keep a setup cool etc.

    There are basic facts that a few months of participating on forums, and reading posts daily, reading ALL the stickies you can find and doing the best you can.

    Some have a better grasp, better budget than others and do fine.

    Take it slow., in the thread read first there are other forums you NEED to watch and read a lot.

    Toms is full of amost 2.5 experainced watercoolers and 300 noobs.
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