WHICH of these GTX260 Cards?


ive been looking into a graphics card for my new core i7 build and have decided to go with the GTX260
However i can purchase either a EVGA GTX260 - 216 card of the XFX GTX260 Black edition XXX which only has 192 stream proccessors.

Which should i go for?
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  1. Get the eVGA. The extra stream processors will easily make up for any overclock the XFX may have and still leave you with room to overclock at a later stage if need be.
  2. +1 for the EVGA. I just bought the same card recently and love it, plus EVGA is renowned for their customer service, and the step-up program with all the
    new cards coming out could be nice.
  3. do you know if the step up program is available in Australia?
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