Please Help. Need device that will allow me to pull files from drive.

Hi Folks-

I'm trying to pull data from a friends laptop drive. Here is a pic of the drive-

Could you guys please take a look at pic and provide a link to a USB thingy I can use to get files from. I don't know that much about laptop hard drives. I cant tell what kind of drive it is- ata, sata, ide ? I need to know because the adapters are unique ? Please dont forget to give me link to adapter.

Thanks so much guys.
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  1. It's a slim line IDE drive.
    It uses a 44 pin IDE connector so you need a 44 pin female to USB Type A male adapter (with power for the IDE drive).

    Alternately, most external USB HDD enclosures will accept this drive, just be aware that its a 2.5" drive. (3.5" drives use a different cable/connector).

    I can't give you a purchase link because I dont know where you are but here is an example of a combo adapter: (supports both IDE and SATA)
    And here is an example of an enclosure:
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