How can I achieve an i7 920 stable overclock

Hey I am a new person to the internal mechanics of a pc. Built 2 but still don't know practically anything in bios. Heard you can over clock an i7 920 to 4.0 stable. Was seeing how true that is. What side effects, other than greatness? The longevity decreases with overclock? Basically don't know anything about internals so any help is great. I heard i need a new cooler for the cpu for the overclock so was gonna purchase one on new egg. Any preferences. Once i get it what sort of steps do i do? press F4 to get into bios and then what? If anyone could help me with this it would be GREAT! Granted i probably need a step by step guide for dummies... thanks- its on a gigabyte ex58-ud3r mobo. Do the guides depend on what mobo you use? Do you think i'll fry it or is it worth it try and if nothing happens just go back to default? Does the amount of memory you have in system need to be put into consideration as well? Sorry lots of questions

Need it to go faster for after effects editing and rendering.
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  1. Don't buy an i7 920, buy an i7 930 for around $5 more for a more stable stock multiplier. Also, you should read a few guides on the next - there are plenty. Most motherboards have different but similar BIOSes in terms of different settings, and are located differently, but they should be easily found. Some terms will be labelled different, an example is the uncore which is also sometimes called the CPU VTT IIRC. You will need a new cooler, a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus can do the job well and costs $34.99 on newegg. A good X58 motherboard I suggest is the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard. The amount of memory is less important than the speed of the memory - it'd be best to get higher speed, lower latency RAM is possible. If you follow the guidelines then you'll be safe, just remember that voltage is far more deadly than temperatures. As for longevity, I'm not sure how much time it would kill really, I don't think much.
  2. Also
    Overshocked's i7 Overclocking Guide (LGA1366)
    Overshocked i7 Overclocking - What does what

    And look for a guide for your particular motherboard.
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  4. thanks for your help
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