Cool and quiet?

I saw is the overclocking guide that you should disable cool and quiet. Is there any particular reason for this?
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  1. Well, it can mess up stability because Cool 'n' Quiet lowers the CPU voltage when idle and that's why I think it's bad when you're overclocking - too low voltage can cause crashes.
  2. ^But isn't it that Cool & Quiet also lower the Clockspeed ( by lowering the multiplier) therefore the lower voltage should not cause any instability at least in idle?
  3. TBH I'm not really sure... maybe the voltages are set differently if you change them? Like set it to 1.2V for 3.6GHz, yet it drops to 0.8V for 800MHz which is too low possibly?
  4. Yes it is simlar to Gigabytes EiST function. It works on some strange algorhythm So it wont cause a crash

    It drops CPU voltages and Turns the Multiplier down to 6x
    Its safe and will save you a bit on electricity
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