Stupid Question about SSD's and Storage

Okay, feel free to flame me for being such a huge noob about this, but...

How do I install programs onto a different hard drives when I have an SSD as my main hard drive?

My config is as follows:
Intel X25 40 GB (OS Hard Drive)
Seagate Barracuda XT 2 TB (Storage Drive for programs and such)

I know, stupid question, but I just want to learn quickly.
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  1. Set up a directory called ProgramFiles on your HDD (Probably "D" drive).
    When you install a program it will ask where to install, ie C:\Program Files\ Change the pointer to D:\ProgramFiles\
  2. I see, and I should do the same things for ProgramFiles (x86)?
  3. Yes, any program that offers a choice of where to install, just change it from "C:\" to "D:\". If it does not find the directory on D, it will either ask to create, or create the directoy

    It the program does not "ask", do not move (copy) the directory (files) yourself. Some programs, while they may place most of their files where you specify, some will still place files in the C:\Windows\ directory (normaly in the system, or system32 directory)
  4. ^+1... Correct!!
  5. How horribly inconvenient...
  6. That's they way the cookie crumbles - One of the reasons I recommend getting a SSD that will hold Both operating system + your programs + 20 % extra (Typically a min size of 64 -> 128 Gigs).
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