Hard drive showing up as RAW unable to recover any data

So I have a 750GB Seagate that went up anytime I try to access it I get an I/O error when hooking it up to another one of my machines, if I try to boot to a CD with the drive in the computer nothing is able to write to it and the data is showing as RAW. I have tried to use multiple data recovery software programs to pull data and PowerDataRecovery does nothing but pull read errors and doesn't find any files....... The drive shows up in Disk management as a 698GB free of 698GB volume and RAW is it possible that the drive is in a state where it just cant read/write the data yet the hard disk controller actually shows me the drive in disk management etc?

I am a little confused at what state this drive is in but I do know the customer said that it made clicking noises the days prior so I am just assuming that the data is still on the drive but the drive cant pull any of it off because the read/write needle or whatever is just not functioning properly? I guess I am mostly confused because I thought when a drive died it doesnt even show up in disk management this would be the first drive I have seen that still shows up but you cant format it or pull any data from it
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