Biostar Ta790Gx a3+ unlocking problem.

HI guys i have one problem With AMD ATHLON x3 435 and Biostar Ta790GX a3+.I want to unlock my cpu to quad core.

So when i set HT link to1,6ghz and reboot and set acc to auto/per core/all cores....and save setiings and computer wont Boot ....or go to post and my screen goes to power saving mode.So have you ever have this problem? with this Mb or other MB???Thnaks....

And sorry for my poor english. hre is my proble in video.
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  1. Your CPU probably has a defective 4th core so it won't boot if you try to enable it. Reset the CMOS either by following the instructions outlined in your motherboard manual, or by removing the battery from your motherboard, it's the round C2032 battery, and putting it back after 2 minutes effectively reseting the BIOS settings.
  2. I dont but it makes the same when i have athlon 240 in Mobo.

    so problem would be IGP??? becuse i m using it.
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