Partition Inactive - Can't Boot Windows

My Specs:
Windows Vista Home Basic
Acer Computer

So I recently did a format of my boyfriend's computer, and ever since it began causing problems - and now, it has gotten so bad I am completely lost.

So I did a format of the computer, the turned it on this morning to find out that that Windows would not load. After the BIOS screen appeared, the computer continue to stay on a black screen with a blinking cursor. I assumed that the HDD was dead, because as I went into the BIOS it was no longer listed there.

So I opened the case and began playing around with it, unplugging and plugging things back in. Eventually, the BIOS detected the HDD again but still I would get the black screen with the blinking cursor. I took a deeper look into the BIOS and also tried a run of KILLDISK from a USB device.

KILLDISK told me that the C:\ drive was now my USB device.... And that my HDD was named 2:\. My C:\ drive, which was my OS, had been renamed somehow. And as I checked the BIOS, under where the HDD is, it says "inactive". How this happened, I have no idea.

So, ultimately, the partition has been renamed and as I try to boot the computer, it tries to boot from C:\ (since this is the default setting), and so does not boot from the new renamed 2:\ drive. Now I have no idea how it got renamed - but it all happened after I did the reformatting. Anyway, I cannot boot the OS AT ALL. This means, I can't grab access to Disk Management to rearrange the partitions and make it active and I see no options in the BIOS to rearrange them so that I can boot from the HDD. PLEASE do not mistake this for "Boot Order", as it does not matter what order it is in - it will not boot as the drive is set to inactive.

Also, I cannot access the recovery tool since the OS will not boot. I tried a Vista recovery disk that I downloaded but it says that there is no active disk - right back to square one.

Basically, without this HDD being active I cannot do anything. Can't boot the OS, can't run recovery. However, I refuse to think that there is something wrong with the hard drive as the computer still detects it. It's just not active...

So how can I make the HDD active?

Is there no possible way to fix this solution? Is there a hidden partition manager in BIOS that I missed?
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  1. When you boot from a CD or USB device etc it will rearrange the drive letters. I would ignore this unless I am missing something in your description.

    Try this
  2. I didn't realize this. In any case, when I go into my Windows Installation CD I can't repair anything because my computer says THERE IS NOTHING TO REPAIR. It does not detect my hard drive. The HDD is THERE, however I cannot boot from it and neither does the computer for some reason.
  3. If you have an actual full CD version of the operating system, (not just a recovery or PE version) then you should be able to manipulate the drives partitions prior to attempting an install, forget about repair for now. If you attempt a full install does it see the drive?

    You did state the the drive does detect in the system BIOS right?
  4. I am running windows vista home prem.64 And I think I am having same problem.PC just out of warranty go figure?Mine froze then I went to restart and it went into a self fix mode and said it could not be fixed.Tried one more time and lost self fix mode all togeather.Tried to do a recovery and does not work.Ordered some recovery disks and did a hard boot to recoginize hardware and still no luck.Says something about no disks set up for raid.Or it will say loading with an atari looking load bar and when thats full load bar turns into a load bar full of a bunch of smile faces.Priced hard drive and its over 400 dallars for the 720gb seagate barracuda not to mension I have 3 grand invested.I could get a new pc for that what bull S.But any way I went ahead and purchased a WD tb and purchased all new sata bables and still same thing.something in the registry dont know cant find any help on this isue.Cant get past set up no f11 and only detects drives after i pull the plug and let it sit for a few hours.
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