having trouble with instal of xp after changing hardware..

I upgraded hardware. New Foxconn mobo, an old e6300 cpu and some Ballistix Ram (2gb)

1st up i had to slave the cd player and make the HD master. was not situation prior.

2nd. Thought I would get lucky and would boot, but not so. XP would start to boot, i would get a very quick flash of a blue screen, then a reboot. I see blue screen, I think memory/hardware error... cant resolve, bios looked good.

So i do fresh install...it loads files and then gets to the point where it says starting window, then goes to blue screen saying windows detected hardware error etc, reboot.

I reboot many times, it finally gets past, i am able to formate and install... during install, it wont load a bunch of files. Result, IE wasnt installed plus other things.. looks like a lite version of XP... I hook internet up, nothing.. no ip, cant repair, ipconfig /renew comes up with an error...

I got to reinstall window, same blue screen saying a hard ware error...

Need some help..
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  1. Could you post complete system specs and what were the previous components? Did the Ballistix RAM pass memtest86 for several hours without failures? Are all voltages from the PSU within specs?
  2. yes, hardware is good... voltages good...I am able to boot now, but XP just looks funny, not everything installed, and i get the blue screen, not the typical bsod screen, saying there is a hardware error and I need to reboot, no memory dump or anything.

    only suspect item is the maxtor hd... here is the rub though, I have tried with 2 different WD HD's on a fresh install, still get the wierd blue screen, never seen it before.. the error code is 0x0000007b...when I read up on that it covers so much ground dont know where to start..

    Otherwise computer runs fine boot after boot, just no ip, ping or the loads of programs that are installed with XP normally
  3. Well I'd double check your RAM voltage requirements and verify you have the BIOS setup to the correct voltage settings. I'd probably verify all temperatures while in BIOS for at least 30-45 min, before doing a fresh install of the OS. Maybe your CPU HSF isn't seated properly and is warming up too much after a period of time. Did you clean off the old thermal paste and apply some new??
  4. I doubt that it's a hard disk issue. You have an issue with the newly installed components. Like lunyone says, check your RAM (lower the timings if need be), make sure the CPU doesn't overheat (though that should cause it to throttle or shutdown), etc. I've seen that issue before, but it was caused by a faulty PSU that just wasn't good enough to keep the system stable.
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