Best Liquid Cooling Tubing Manufacturer?


I am going to order my Liquid Cooling parts on Saturday so I just wanted to see which Tubing manufacturer is the best in your opinion. I do not know names of all manufacturers, so if there are any other just put them down. I am looking at which tubing manufacturer is the best, not the best performance/price.

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  1. Primochill LRT
  2. ^ +1 or Tygon. The only disadvantage of Tygon is that it comes only in 1-2 colors.
  3. Boon, my rig. Read, I reused my tubing on my rebuild. Still clean and flexible.
  4. ace hardware...clear tubing
  5. So, I guess pretty much we are tied. Both Tygon and Primoflex LRT are good choices. Use LRT if you need color and Tygon if you want the "classic".
  6. or ace, lows, generic hard ware store for the cheap
  7. Question was best. Peeps posted what they like. Standard internet answer.
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