Windows isnt recognizing my RAID 0

Hello, I have an Alienware Aurora with a i7 quad core, 6gb RAM, with ICH10R, Win 7, 2 1TB Seagate HDD setup in RAID 0. When I go to My Computer, it has my origional hard drive listed as my OS. But in my device manager it has my disk drives listed as RAID 0. Any ideas?
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  1. In "My computer", what is the size of the listed disk/hard drive?
  2. It is listed as my OS and it is 930gb with 617gb free. In the BIOs it is listed as RAID 0 Boot up drive. In device manager it is listed as RAID 0. Everywere is listed as RAID 0 but not in My comuter.
  3. You can rename the drives that are under "My Computer"

    While device manager and storage manager would read the name given by the raid controller. I don't think you can change it without destroying your raid.

    For example my RAID config under device manager is name volume 1. While in my computer I can name it whatever I want.
  4. But the drive listed in my computer is only one drive, not my raid setup.
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