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Hi, I have a i5-750 cpu (stock cooler)and a
P7p55D-LE mobo and want some advice for a minor overclock to get the cpu to about 3-3.2 GHz without changing voltages all help would be appreciated.
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  1. You can pretty much just set the base clock to 160 and you're good to go. Might have to disable turbo boost, but worth trying both ways. Leave the voltages at auto unless there's some issues cropping up. Also, check that your RAM frequency is at whatever it's supposed to be since increasing the Base clock will also increase the RAM freq. At most, you might have to increase the VTT voltage a tad, but again, on AUTO it should work ok.
  2. I don't think you'll have any issues going to 167 BCLK if your memory is DDR3-133 or better .... and I'd bet you could, and I'd certainly recommend that you even try lowering voltages.
  3. Actually, I'd recommend manually setting the voltages to what they default to at stock. Perhaps it is just my dislike of "black boxes", but when running a computer beyond spec, I prefer to have complete control. Often Auto will raise the voltage far beyond what it needs, thought this will vary by board.
  4. 1)So all I have to do (sorry if this is a stupid question) is increase the base clock in the bios to about 160- 167 and I'm good to go?

    2)How do I check ram frequencies (my ram is DDR3 1333mhz) and what do I do if they not in the correct range?
  5. There should be a Ram Multiplier somewhere (sorry, it varies by board so I don't know the specifics for yours) which you probably want to drop a notch. Otherwise, yes, it is more or less just raising the bclk. Voltages should be able to stay at stock, though turbo may have to be disabled.
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