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Hi, I wanted to sell my acer travelmate 4500 laptop and although it was running well I decided to set it back to factory setting. Tried Alt +F10 as per manual but it would not do anything. I did do the factory reset on this laptop about 18 months ago using Alt + F10 and it worked fine. Anyway, it wouldn't do anything ( I checked the bios and it was enabled) so I did the recovery using the discs supplied by acer. First I had to set the bios to boot from cd. All went well except that when I finished the laptop is now stuck in a loop. The windows screen starts to open then says " Fatal Error Windows is unable to start because the registry could not be updated. Windows must now shut down". I have checked that the bios has been put back to start from hard drive.

I have tried redoing the recovery from the acer discs but the first disc (system disc) justs says it is completing setup - the first time it started the recovery then I had to use 2 more discs (recovery discs) then finish with the system disc to finish the setup.

The laptop is running windows XP. I only have the acer discs. They did not supply a proper windows XP disc. I have an XP disc for a different PC could I use that disc to repair this one. Any advice please.
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  1. Well you could use the other Win XP disk to launch setup and then delete the existing Windows partition off the laptop, create a new partition, format it and then go back to the recover CD's from Acer to to the re-install. If the existing laptop harddrive has multiple partitions, only modify the one that currently contains the corrupt operating system. Any other partitions may be required for the recovery process.
  2. I've never done anything with patitions before and am frightened of making things even worse. If use the other XP disc will it have a repair option?
  3. Is there important data on the PC?
  4. No nothing. It was working fine I just wanted to reset it to factory so that I could sell it. Only one problem with the laptop. Using the built in wireless card causes the computer to crash. There is an on off button on the front but instead I had it disabled via device manager and have been using a Netgear wireless notebook adapter instead. It's possible that the onboard wireless came on enabled during the recovery and somehow caused my problem. However, this was a problem when I last did an F10 + Alt recovery 18 months ago and it worked ok. Any suggestions?
  5. If you are not worried about saving any data removing a partition simply wipe the machine clean. Create a new partition in its place (presumably NTFS) and reformat it. You could continue the installation of the OS from scratch at that point, but the restore CD's will basically drop an image of the OS onto the HDD that already has all the required drivers. (even if some dont work right, onboard wifi for example).
  6. Thanks. I will give it a try tomorrow night - the disc is at work. Thanks for your help.
  7. If I install windows XP again from the XP disc that I have for my other machine. Will I be able to use the acer's XP product code to complete the install. Luckily the sticker with the Windows XP product key is on the bottom of the laptop
  8. Yes that should work provided they are the same version. In addition you will need to go to Acers web site, download and install all the latest drivers and do all the required Windows updates, plus all your software installs as well. Often, there are preloaded programs and utilities that you may no long have access to, but thats sometimes a good things as many of these preinstalled apps are not needed.
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