New Machine PSU issues?

Built a new machine for school that involves animation and 3d modeling, also wanted to be able to play games. Here are the specs

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit
Amd x4 QUAD CORE 9750 95watt version
XFX 750a sli motherboard (with latest bios version 1.2)
4 GB of PC6400 ddr2
WD SATA TB drive
LG HD-DVD/BD-R combo

I have all the latest drivers, latest direct x, latest mb bios.

Now the issue I am having is very strange, every time I run a intense game like lets say Left for dead, or Call of Duty 4. Once I get some action, I get the game freezing, sometimes for a minute, then comes back. Other times, I get a flat-out crash. The sims 2 works somewhat ok, but when lots get more populated or something cool happens, same stuff. I also have steam, with hitman blood money working, but stutters and also freezes. Far cry 2, well I shot the gun once at an enemy and bam, frozen.

I am aware that support for Quad core CPU's with pc games is very slim. However, I have heard that the games should run, but will not be able to utilize all 4 cores. This is a brand new machine and my 5 year old machine works better with games. Old machine consists of 3.2ghz p4 cpu, 1gb of ram, ati x850, and asus p4p800.

I have tested the memory with memtest to see if there were any issues, all seems well. Hd has been defragged recently, everything else runs well including Maya. Running out of ideas here, so im left with the possibility that i've either built a really bad machine, or I have some other issue im not seeing. I thought 550 watts was a good enough psu, but im starting to think maybe that is the issue. Any ideas?
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  1. I'd also double check your temperatures and make sure your not overheating or not. Your PSU should EASILY handle that GPU. Did you plug in both 6 pin PCI-e power connectors to the GPU?? It's possible the PSU has issues, how long have you had the PSU?
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