Configure Monitor Power Options for all computers in a domain

Hi All,

This is my first topic in this forum, but I will make sure that I do not violate any rules while posting a topic.

Off late we have been witnessing in our organization, that the Power Options to turn off a monitor in 20 minutes have been customized by our colleagues and is not uniform across the organization. We want to enter into a energy saving environment and hence I would request you to help me on this topic.

Is there a way to configure this option on all computers in the domain such that the monitor switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity. It would be of great help if there could be some vbscript that can help an administrator to perform this configuration on all machines in the domain.

Thanks in advance for your effort you would be expending on this to help me out.

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  1. What Windows are the PCs on your network using? Here's a free tool for Windows XP or Vista:

    AFAIK the ability is already built into Vista.
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