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My pc went dead while working and there was a burning smell. I suspected that the PSU burnt out, so I got a new PSU from TigerDirect (PowerUP 450W ATX). No luck even after replacing the new PSU. The front panel switch light and a green light on mb are on, but no fans running (even the one in PSU) and no power to DVD-ROM either. Can some one help me? I expect at least the fan in the new PSU should work....
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  1. Firstly stop buying cheapo PSUs.

    Secondly their maybe quite a bit of damage to your components.

    Try buying a higher quality PSU (submit your system specs to determine adequite wattage) and then testing components by swapping with known good components or rebuild the system outright.

    PC Power and cooling

    All make good quality PSU (maybe thermaltake too, haven't used one theirs in about 4 years though)
  2. sniff your board to find the burnt part, no joke. it could be a capacitor on the mobo or a voltage regulator for your cpu. also take it apart visually search for damage.
  3. +1 ravenware said

    +1 what cheepstuff said.

    Pull the motherboard and examine it very slowly. You'll probably find one or more parts that look ugly when compared to other similar parts.
  4. Might also want to check if you may have loosened some of the front panel connections on your motherboard. That might explain why the PSU's fan isn't even spinning up.
  5. Seasonic also makes good PSUs. Some OCZ and FSP are also decent; at the least they shouldn't fry other parts like a cheap one will when it smokes.
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