Advice on "extreme OC" XMP setting for RAM

I have Patriot Viper II Sector 5 RAM, running at the certified XMP setting (although manually set) of 1600mhz, 1.65V, 8-8-8-24 1T timings. Using Everest gives me the most info I've ever found regarding the XMP settings as it goes into detail down to the things beyond the latencies - I mean the tWTR, tRTR, tRFC etc. Ok, so the first little interesting thing is that adjusting anything other than the 8-8-8-24 didn't result in higher Everest memory benchmarks, setting to 8-8-7-23 on stock voltage did but only if I then dropped a couple of the other timings (and it only improved the latency from 41.7ns to 41.3ns. Read, Write, Copy were pretty well unchanged). So I guess what I learned there is that the read and write timings are being throttled by the latencies.

Now, my real question concerning the "Extreme OC" profile (according to Everest). The timings are 1600mhz, 1.7V, 7-7-7-20. I tried to set this but it wouldn't boot past POST, so I slowly creeped the voltage up, at around 1.76V it was booting up to the "loading windows" screen but giving a BSOD before going to the login screen. I assume this means I need around 1.8V for this setting to be stable. I know that this XMP profile is not "certified" to work (according to Everest) but I don't really get why. Is it something to do with my components, or is it more that the RAM chips themselves may not be the best to come out of their production?
I've tried finding the info for max voltage setting for RAM from Patriot, and MSI (my mobo) but can't really find specific technical specs about it, however the BIOS allows it to go over 1.8V before "turning red" which means it's "Not Recommended", I think it tops out at 2.2V but I wouldn't ever go that high.

So basically I just want to figure out how to get the faster timings to work because I want to see for myself what the difference is.

EDIT: And if anyone has advice for figuring out timings at a faster frequency, I'd appreciate it. Since I'm running at 8x RAM multiplier for 1600mhz, I could set it to 10x 2000mhz. Doing basic math on it means the timings would have to be around 10 for similar timings, but would it need a lot more voltage?
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  1. I wouldn't dare overclocking every component of my PC. Especially not my RAM unless it hand Heat sinks. Stay below 2.0V to be on the safe side. RAM isnt the best thing to be OCing the best of times but if you are trying to keep a relatively low Voltage and increase the multiplier. Increasing you're Voltage results in a higher heat output than higher frequencies
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