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I know this has been asked before, but I'm wondering what the best video card I can get for a system with a 350 watt power supply would be? Anything will probably be better than the integrated graphics I currently have.

I'd like to go with a Nvidia 9600 GT or Radeon HD 4670, but I believe both of these require 400 watts. With 350 watts, what would be the best graphics card out there? The HD 4650 looks to be about the best I've seen and would be better than the 9500 GT from the reviews I've seen, but is there anything better? Both require 350 watts.

I have an Intel mother board as well.

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  1. A 4670 ought to run. What is the brand and model of that PSU? How many amps does it have on its +12V rail(s)?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I believe this is the power supply in there: In Win IP-S350AQ2-0 V2.2 350W ATX Power Supply. That's what is in my In Win S605T2 case anyway. Not sure about the amps on its +12V rails.
  3. I tried an online power supply calculator and plugged in the 9600 GT with all of the other devices I have on the system (I don't have much other than 1 HDD, DVD RW, and all of the other basics) and it told me I would need at least a 220 watt power supply for my system. This includes the 9600 GT. With my system being as minimal as it is, it looks like it could be possible to run the 9600 GT safely on my system. The HD 4670 took even less power - only requiring 205 watts.

    How trustworthy are these power supply calculators? I certainly don't want to risk my system, but it looks like the 9600 GT or HD 4670 may not tax it too much. The require 400 watts according to their specs and I have 350 watts, so that's not too far off either. As long as I don't any any other devices, I may be o.k.

    If I could use both cards in my system then, which would you recommend? The 9600 GT or HD 4670?


    Max. Output Current:
    +12V1/Peak: 10A/11A
    +12V2/Peak: 13A/16.5A
    +5V: 12A
    +3.3V: 20A
    -5V: N/A
    -12V: 0.3A
    5VSB: 2.5A/3.5A
    MAX1: 250W
    MAX2: 130W
    MAX3: 335W

    It's about amps, not just watts, specifically the combined 12v amp rating of the psu. No way to tell with the specs provided and no you do not just + the 12v rails together.
  5. I believe InWin is another one of those companies that makes paperweights rather than PSUs. I would not trust that one for any more than 60% of its label, or 210W, and that is probably peak, not continuous.
  6. The HD 4670 uses about 47w of power while the 9600GT uses 60w of power.

    They trade blow for blow in various benchmark and overall are roughly equal (actually a little better).

    Read the following article for more info to make a better decision:
  7. From the research I've been able to do, it would look like the 9600 GT is a very good card for the price. The 9600 GT box says it needs a 400 watt power supply. With my 350 watt power supply, I don't want to risk it at all. My computer is new and I don't really need a GREAT graphics card, just one that is a big upgrade over my onboard graphics, which I don't think will be tough to do. I may upgrade my power supply in a couple years when I might need a faster graphics card as well. Don't really want to upgrade the power supply since I just got the computer (should have got a bigger power supply in there to begin with). I do some gaming but nothing very intensive. Probably the most intensive game I have right now is NBA 2k9.

    With that said then, just going by the company specs. what graphics card would be the best for a 350 watt power supply? From my research, it looks like the HD 4650 might be the best card I've seen for a 350 watt power supply. The 4670 isn't that much faster at all for the money and it looks like it's rated for a 400 watt power supply. The 4650 might be the better value. The 4650 is quite a bit faster than the 9500 GT. What are people's opinions of the HD 4650? Are there any other cards out there that might be better than the 4650 for a 350 watt power supply?

    Any help with graphics card ideas greatly appreciated.
  8. hey i just build a medium system as a pet project. and i have a 7300gs atm,wondering wat i can put into it thatll improve it a bit more.
    system specs:
    msi neo 45 motherboard
    380 watt powerupply
    80gb 7200rpm hardrive
    512 mb 667 ddr2 ram(getting 4 gigs of pny gaming ram soon)
    dvd lightscribe drive(which i barely use)
    usb mouse and keyboard
    floppy drive(which isnt even connected lol)

    wat do u think i can get? i can run some games at medium/high settigns (warrock,OP7,Track mania,ut2004,hl2,portal,etc)
  9. To Trailrunner - I'd go with the HD4670 with that Inwin 350w power supply. Inwin is not a very good brand, i wouldn't stress it more then you had to.

    To RHP_RED - Depending on who manufacturers your 380w power supply the HD4670 would be a decent choice, if it's an Antec Earthwatts 380w i'd have no problem using either a HD3870, 9600GT or the HD4670. Any of the 3 would be a very large step up from the LE7300.

    Here's a hierarchy chart showing relative positions of graphi c card power,2118-7.html
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