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I purchased a gateway with an Intel® Core™ i7-920 processor; 3GB DDR3 memory, and a ati radeon 4850 2 days ago and I am now getting a crash coarse on video cards. My card overheats and crashes my computer. I have changed settings of the fan speed to manual and 100 and have added a vid card fan cooler that sets next to the video card. I can open one copy of world of warcraft and it works fine but when i open more than one version the temps still run up to 80c and crashes the comp. My 2 year old computer could run 4 versions of wow and i never even knew you could check vid card temps. Is this card faulty? I have found similar posts of overheating with this card. What to do......
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  1. It sounds like the card could be faulty. Even at 80c a radeon 4850 shouldn't be crashing. I have 2 of them running in crossfire, I have had both hit temps of over 100c without crashing. The way I have my pc setup now I like it quiet so I keep the fans low, this causes my cards to idle around 65, when gaming I cut up the fans and the cars max out in the low 80's usuallly.

    What type of crash are you experiencing, do you get the blue screen of death or is the computer just resetting?

    One thing you didnt mention, what size and make power supply are you running. The 4850 is a power hungry card, my first PSU wasn't able to handle the cards so would reset as soon as I started doing anything intense (I.E. gaming).
  2. lol, sorry, i dont mean to be a *NERF* but "i purchased a gateway"... that should be enough right there, everything i have ever bought from the likes of gateway has been nothing but a pain to me and those around me that have to feel my anguish. Gateway should rot in hell and may god have mercy on their souls... PS. i could have built you the same computer for about $500.00 less i'm sure as Gateway overcharges the crap out of everyone and uses crappy items like generic power supplies, hard drives and memory... Not to mention they bundle that 60-day trial crap software that nobody ever buys...

    But to be perfectly honest with you, i would say it's the cheezy 500 Watt power supply that they give you with the Gateway : FX6800-01e (guessing it's that model)
  3. Now my fan speed increase seems to cool the card in the 50's and no more crashes, but i still was getting cut off of the game for a min or so. I guess that was the card resetting you mentioned. So now i have installed a 850 watt psu (thermaltake black widow) and im about to go multibox wow (4 accounts)... results to follow :)
  4. fixed no more resets or crashes. ty ty. I dont understand why it didnt work out of the box but o well. thanks to this forum post and others in this forum i got a fix.

    new question. What would i gain with a 2nd vid card and does crossfire only run one screen? I need to for my game.
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