Looking for information on AMD board chipsets

As you know, I maintain a guide over in the new build section, where I pretend some level of competency :whistle:

In reality, I rely on input from lots of folks and all the articles I can lay my eyes on around the internet and a few mags as well.

With the increase in the usefulness of some newer AMD CPUs, I find myself needing to know more about the available chipsets. For a while, I was happy to say "790GX or 790FX" and leave it at that. Now however with CPUs in several different price points being competitive, I need more.

780G - If you put a Phenom in a 780G board, is it going to be crippled? How much?

770 - ???? what's the deal there? AMD just released a new board for this chipset?

790X - how exactly does this rate against GX and FX?

Are there any other chipsets to consider?

Are nVidia chipsets as problematic on the AMD side?

I'll be doing my own research of course, but please weigh in if you want and feel free to link articles.
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  1. 780G - A BIOS flash and a dual/tri-core chip, and this is an evil HTPC machine (just match RAM AM2=ddr2 800, AM2+=DDR2 1066)
    770 - is a chopped down version of the 780 series with a better chipset (weaker onboard GFX tho)
    790X - is the basic barebones board (with some things missing, be it SATA, USB, or Firewire ports) GX - is normal, FX - is the high end

    For HTPC 780G, or 740V are good buys
    770 for mid to low end systems
    pricing for the 790 series is as follows usually: X<GX<FX

    nVidia chipsets are ok, but some have issues (my gigabyte dosn't like BIOS flashes), and unless you really want SLI (or dislike ATI chipsets). There is no real reason for the 750a/980a (the 980a is a revamp of the 750a) systems (I'll upgrade to 280's in SLI next month).
  2. Well to be more clear on the 790 chipsets,
    The 790X and the 790GX are basically the same...the only difference between them is the on-board graphics G - Graphics...
    Whereas the 790FX is more of a enthusiast chipset with more overclocking option, full 32 pci lanes (x16x16) and there are boards with 4 PCIe slots, better power regulation for higher overclock, etc...
  3. I was surprised to see how long these chipsets have been around. From what I was able to gather, the 790 chipsets do NOT have PCI-E 2.0?
  4. Proximon said:
    From what I was able to gather, the 790 chipsets do NOT have PCI-E 2.0?

    They do according to AMD.
  5. OK was just some early review I read.
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