Accidental raid install killed vital data

I had 4 HD's installed 2 in Raid, 2 not. Intending to overwrite my raid disks I accidentally turned my non-raid disks into a second array, thus deleting my OS and vital data. Does anyone know if I can recover the lost (ntfs) partitions after creating a RAID array? (no data was written to the array)

Help would be MUCH appreciated!!
- 256 GB Corsair SSD
- WD 1T green
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  1. Assuming it's only the metadata at the start of the disk that was overwritten - in theory the data is still all there. Depends how much that data was worth to you and whether you can be bothered retrieving it manually.. using forensic techniques like magic markers or carving.

    Anything that you can't stand to lose, you should keep multiple copies in multiple locations.
  2. most of it should be recoverable by a data recovery service but those are rather expensive ie several hundred
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