8800GTS 640 on 1400 x 900 Monitor

well i got as a gift not to long ago a viewsonic 1400 x 900 monitor. Works great for what i need so i don't want to upgrade to a new monitor, but my question is i have a 8800 GTS 640 OC to core clock =676, shader 1545 and memory 1018. idle temps are 47 Celsius. Load on crysis 67-68. Would i get any advantages if i upgraded my GPU, say maybe to a 260? Or is my gts 640 OC good enough for the 1400x900 monitor. I dont want to waste any money on a new card if it wont really make a difference except being able to turn up the AA on crysis from 8 to 16QQ
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  1. Nah, I wouldn't bother upgrading.
  2. I've got the slightly faster 8800GTS 512MB version. I currently game on a 1440x900 monitor myself. In Crysis 1.21 with Very High Settings, I can play with ~28-32FPS somewhat steady. Reduce settings more, and I could be playing pretty smoothly. Course I also have a Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz, so there could also be some difference in the equation that way since you probably have a different setup than me.

    I just ordered a new monitor yesterday, cause I wanted higher resolution. Problem of course, will be once I bump up to higher resolution I'll probably want a new video card too. ;) (or go SLI)

    You should be okay where you're at. Just don't set Crysis to Very High settings and expect HD quality gaming. ;)
  3. I had the 8800GTS 320... man when we bought those cards that was the worst time in the world to buy video cards. A year later more powerful cards could be had for less than half the price....

    I paid like $300 for mine, think the 640 was $400... All because ATI didn't have a single good card to compete with.

    This was the same time I paid $215 for my 4GB 2x2GB memory kit. UGH!

    Anyway, out of stubbornness I wouldn't bother upgrading.
  4. thanks for the replies, if its not going to do much i will just stick with this one.

    i have a q6600 (3ghz) and play on the highest setting on crysis with motion blur and 8AA with playable FPS i would say 30 or so. you should try overclocking your 8800gts 512 because i bet if you overclock it you can play on high settings with some AA. With my 8800gts 640 OC im running a tad faster then your stock 8800gts 512
  5. @snurtle112; Sensible man, I`d still be using my 8800 GTS 640 but for the bigger 24" monitor I treated myself to after being made redundant last year.
    Like they say; If it aint broke, do n`t fix it.
  6. Im lucky i didn't spend the 400 bucks on this card when they came out. I got it for 90 bucks on craigslist. 3 months and no problems.
  7. $90... i'm not sure if you should be that happy about that- an HD3870 could be had for that price... it can hang with the 640 (or pretty darn close) and uses less power.


    oops... forgot you got it 3 months ago... good deal man.

    you saved about $30? -$40 maybe? was it new? awesome if it was.
  8. not you slightly used.=( i separated the fan put some arctic on it and knock on wood no problems. OC like a beat so far.
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