AMD 945 95w c3 @ 3.75ghz Temps?

Im just wondering if Im getting good temps, I know Im well within the 71c safe zone but I just have this tick that makes me want my cpu as cold as possible. Right now at idle im at 31c its roughly 21c ambient, while running prime 95 for 12 hours with all case fans on low im at 54c, with all case fans maxed its at 47c load. Note those are while running prime95, while gaming it doesnt go past 41c with case fans on low. I have a Zalman 9700 LED Heatsink and its all in a Thermaltake Element G case.

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  1. Yeah those are good temps dude, the max is 71C, and your running 47-54 100% load....

    Most of us with 965 Phenoms (which has a max temp of 62) stay around the 55C max area, you got alot of headroom left. I'm sure though, most would probably say to not go over around low to mid 60's 100% load for 100% overclock though.
  2. Those are great temps. Good job! By the way, what voltage is the core at?
  3. its at 1.394

    Ok I just got home from work I let prime95 run the whole time I was gone and apparently I had a BSOD around noon. The error was about overheating but I know that theres no way it made it near the 71c when I was gone it was at a stable 51 when I left. Would the overclock reduce the thermal headroom of the cpu as in it reading that its over heating before actually reaching the 71c limit? This is puzzeling me now and if I bsod I dont know if I wanna keep it that high, but like I said I had ran prime 95 for 12hours before and had no issues? WTF
  4. I am running stock speeds to compair temps now and its at 30c idle so my ambient temp sucks but its not going over 45c with all my fans as low as they go. Damn I wish I could get those temps with that oc.
  5. ok back to 3.75. event viewer error 41 Im gonna guess that its windows and hope all is well there was no errors in prime before the random bsod no issues with memtest so Im just gonna go with it being a random software freak out. Going to stay with it @ 3.75 until i find a reason to go back to something else.
  6. I am still using the stock cooler on my AMD 945 at stock settings. I planned to switch to water cooling for my 945 in January but I had some financial problems after being laid off. I tried to run Boinc tonight with 1 client on the GPU and 1 on the CPU and my non overclocked 100 percent load temps were 60-62C for both. Now that that new AMD 1090t BE is out I am thinking about getting a new Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD7 Motherboard and the AMD 6 core CPU and dual GPU ATi5870... I want to stay with air cooling on this current system what is a good solution for me to go with. I hate reading lab reviews as they are usually pristine enviroments unlike our homes. I might like to OC the 945 also.

    ANy help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I like the Hyper 212+, I use it on both systems in my sigature. However, it loses out to bigger coolers (such as the one below) at high wattage OCes. Unfortunately, Newegg (if in the USA) is overpricing this cooler right now.

    Another good choice is showcased in this month's SBM:,2700.html
    It is not overpriced currently (again, going of Newegg in the USA).
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