Hello, I'm currently trying to over-clock my processor on my emachine ET1831-03 I've put in a brand new inel core2duo E7500 2.93GHz@ 1066MHZ FSB.

Every time i pres DEL at the emachines boot screen it takes me into CMOS v02.61 I don't want CMOS do I? I cannot find the area to change voltage.
Can someone please advise?!
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  1. Yes, that is how you access the BIOS settings that allow changes to how your computer sees and uses the hardware. My experience with eMachines is there are few to no settings in the BIOSes that allow OCing. But, maybe you have a BIOS that will allow you to change the FSB, the CPU and RAM voltage, and maybe change the RAM speed with a divider to allow OCing.
  2. Do you know of a location one could download said driver?
  3. I believe he mentioned divider, not driver. Drivers are used by the OS to interact with hardware - I think what he was referring to would affect the physical board and affect the BIOS - pre OS configuration.
  4. oh. okay thanks.
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