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I'm looking into a nice cooler for my next build which is going to be around august, In the thread Amd 890GX/FX Build Suggestion I got some good solid idea for my new build. Now I've only used stock heatsinks in the past but I plan to be doing some overclocking so I'm open to suggestions for cpu coolers and heatsinks. Also I'm looking for suggestions for a good performance thermal compound.
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  1. Here's a good place to start. You should be able to find one that fits your motherboard and meets your price and performance needs.
  2. Thanks for the website suggestion, I've decided on Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme and while I know that the it already comes with some thermal compound with my luck i'll end up having to re seat it several times before I get full coverage so for thermal compound I decided on Arctic Silver 5.
  3. I just got a CM hyper 212+ from ewiz three weeks ago for $26.99 w/free shipping, it's doing about -4C on each core (Q9650) from my AC Freezer 7 Pro temps (the weather is getting warmer now) - CoreTemp says the temps range from 34-45C. I'm still tinkering with the alignment of the heatsink. I know AS5 takes more curing time than others, but I like it.
  4. Yea, I didn't see the CM Hyper 212+ but for the $40 in savings it may be worth it. On the other the AS5 from all the reports I have seen is pretty top notch when it comes to thermal compound.
  5. Originally I wanted to get the Scythe Mugen 2100 however its not available at newegg last time I checked. I have used fan controller in the past however mainly on just the case fans. My motherboard comes with software that let me control the fans though the mb, my question how effective is this kind of software? Also Isn't a requirement that the CPU Fan to be connected the motherboard or can you hook it to a fan controller without any issues?
  6. I've been using DFI's software for MB fan control for a couple of years (my 2000-2005-era ASUS Q-Fan control was not good). It works fine for me and saves a 5.25 bay and all the extra wiring needed for a fan controller. I prefer using the CPU_FAN header of the MBs, but some CPU coolers come with fans that have their own controller - they are are not PWM, and yes, you can run the CPU fan through a fan controller (you'll likely need a power cable adapter or be willing to re-wire the CPU fan connector). Just remember to increase the CPU fan speed when you are playing Crysis.
  7. I figured I would have have some kind adapter before the motherboard would allow you to have an external controller to control the cpu cooler. I do plan to get a fan controller at some point but initially I figure the built in fan controller and software will work.
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