Intel Matrix Storage Manager repeated volume degraded

Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 with ICH9 Raid Controller.
Set to Raid 1.
Randomly, sometimes several times per week, will report "Raid Drive degraded"
Can be on EITHER Port 0 or Port 1 - no particular pattern here.
Right click the bad drive, select "Mark as Normal"
Mirroring rebuilds in about an hour. All is well till next time.
First go around I was faked into believing that one of the drives failed, but I don't think so.
Rebuild works fine. Next occurance may be other drive. Both failing same week - astronomical odds.

What is Storage Manager seeing that makes it think a drive is bad? Can't find a log...


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  1. Are you using RAID-compatible HDDs? If not, then there may be a r/w delay causing IMSM to believe the RAID is degraded.
  2. afaik almost no pays the extra money for "raid" drives, except in servers.

    is it possible to run chkdsk or smart software on drives in a raid array
  3. treefrog07 said:
    Are you using RAID-compatible HDDs? If not, then there may be a r/w delay causing IMSM to believe the RAID is degraded.

    The HDD's and IMSM were sold as a bundle/package by HP.
    I have assumed that they chose software compatable with the hardwaere they bundled.
    Anyone else using IMSM? Where are the logs?
  4. Raid level 1 was selected due to prior experience with HDD failure.
    Guess I'm not almost no one.
    Both disks are good per chkdsk.

  5. I think this is a fairly common problem:

    TOPIC: matrix manager say drive failed, seagate drive test software says no it isn't

    TOPIC: Random drive fails with new Matrix Storage Manager 8.9

    I experienced it yesterday and today and did not yet know about "mark as normal". After verifying my drive as OK using manufacturer's diagnostic tool, I started to rebuild and then the other drive dropped out when the rebuild was 97% complete. So now I think this array is completely hosed.
  6. My RAID shows degraded about once a month. I delete it and then rebuild it. Took me quite a while to figure out how to do that since the nvidia control panel software didn't always show the storage component.

    Having to rebuild has finally gotten to the point that I may just skip the RAID and backup more frequently. I use an online backup service so I should be OK if I do have a drive failure.

    I'm curious if you ever found a solution to the degradation problem or if you just build whenever the status shows degraded.
  7. I know this is an old topic, but has anyone every found a cause or solution for this problem.

    I had a drive get marked as failed on a 4 disk Raid5 array and was unaware of the "Mark as Normal" option. So I order a new drive. Before the new drive arrived, a second drive was marked as failed, so I lost the whole volume. I order yet another drive and rebuilt the entire volume from as new. Now, less than two weeks later, one of the brand new drives is marked as bad. This just can't be all bad. These WD drives are supposed to have a 1.2 million hours MTBF. It is astronomically unlikely that I had three real failures in a short time. right now, I marked it as good and the rebuild will take another half day.
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