Messed up CPU; need to replace mobo, too?

I became Miss Butterfingers all of a sudden while placing HSF on CPU, which resulted in missing pins. Do I need to replace mobo because of that?
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  1. Not necessarily, but before you even think about putting a new CPU on the motherboard you need to be 100% sure that the broken pin is not still in one on the holes on the cpu socket on the motherboard.

    Usually because of the way the retention mechanism works the pin should be loose and come out easily. Once you have the offending pin in your hand then putting a new cpu in should be fine.
  2. Thank you, that'll definitely save me some $.
  3. Wha type of socket? Are the pins on the CPU or the socket?

  4. AM2.

    But, as is turns out, there were no broken pins. I'd been up all night and all day, so where I thought were broken pins there weren't supposed to be any pins. Just a few bent ones, and I just bent them back.

    So, no only am I Miss Butterfingers, but an idiot, also. :sarcastic:
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