Lock Ups Every 10Mins In Vista 64Bit With Asus Striker II nse

Hey guys,

im having this problem with playing every game on my computer.
Ive been flying over the web trying to find what this could possibly be.


Whenever i play a game, for example i am trying to play Left 4 Dead. I get 5-30mins but usually at 10mins the game and computer locks up. The computer is chugging along fine, the fans are going smooth, doesnt show any sign of overheating or noise. In the background while this is happening is a looping sound effect.

Now ive sent this computer back to the place where i bought it 3 or 4 times. And its a buggered to get to. Anyway im stilling seeing the same problem everytime i get it back and near the end of my 1 year warranty so i want to see what i can do.

Im suspecting there's a faulty motherboard here. Or something wrong with the bios. Im good at computers, just not really the intelligent MECHANIC bit of computing. so this is a start for me and open all ears to what ever you guys have to offer, because ive seen that sending it back into repair is definatley not going to help.

Ive had this problem for while now, maybe a 1yr now and i previous forums before this if you want to skim or review, they all got a bit distracted, so thought i would start afresh.



PC Specs:
Motherboard: Asus Striker II NSE
Video: XFX Nvidia GTX 280
OS: Vista 64bit
MEM: 4 x 1Gb corsair
Power: ToughPower 850w

hope someone that can help.
Thanks, Joel
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  1. What is your NB voltage set at in the BIOS, it should 1.42V. What is your processor and memory and there FBS?
  2. My Processor is: Intel Core2Quad Q9550 2.83.Ghz 12 Mb 1333F

    My Memory is: Corsair (4x XMS3 1GB)


    ok so im looking at my BIOS atm and seeing that all my overclocking tools are set to AUTO.

    My FSB options are grayed out (aren't accessible) but can see that they are on AUTO aswell.

    This is what my main menu of my BIOS says, the BOLD i can access.

    CPU Level Up: [AUTO]

    Memory Level Up: [AUTO]

    Overclock Options: [DISABLED]

    AI Overclock Tuner: [AUTO]

    CPU Multiplier: [8.5]

    FSB - Memory Clock Mode: [AUTO]

    FSB - Memory Ratio: [AUTO]

    FSB (QDR) MHz: 1333

    MEM (DDR) MHz: [AUTO]


    would u like any more information

    Also i checked in the - Over Voltage - Section of that menu and it showed me the NB voltage, but for all the inputs there all [AUTO]

    hope this helps
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