Freezes in Vista and sometimes IRQL bluescreens in XP

My computer har a dualboot of XP and Vista Ultimate.
In Vista it freezes all the time, sometimes after 1 min, and sometimes after couple of hours. Even dont need to be doing anything to make it freeze.

Now, it has started to freeze sometimes in XP too. I also get sometimes a bluescreen showing an IRQL error.

Can it be that one of my 2x2GB ram is faulty?

I use XP Pro and Vista Ultimate 32bit
ERP (on PCI-slot) is 10
ECN (on motherboard) is 01

I run Raid 5 with 4 disks and Areca 1210.

Here is my spec:

Corsair Powersupply 1000W Black ATX/EPS, 140mm fan, SLI
MSI P45 Diamond, P45, Socket-775, DDR3, 2000FSB OC,X-FI,ICH10R,2xPCI-Ex(2.0)x16
Corsair TWIN3X 1600MHz DDR3, 4GB, DHX, 2x2GB, XMP (Intel Extreme), CL7-7-7-20
Intel Core# 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz Socket LGA775, 1333MHz, 12MB
Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case(
Zalman CNPS9700 NT Ultra Quiet CPU Kjøler, Socket 775/754/939/940/AM2
XFX Nvidia 9800GX2
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  1. make sure your ram is running at the proper timings and voltages, then run memtest to check your ram for errors. if it passes, then use coretemp to check your cpu temps to make sure it's not overheating for some reason.
  2. Good advice.

    That will help you determine your Ram settings.
  3. Thank you. BUt.. how do i know the proper timings and voltages on the ram? I know i can adjust the voltage in bios, but have no idea what to look for \ or no idea what the right voltage should be for my ram :S
    And what do you meen by proper timings? :)
  4. oh ^^ its early in the morning here lol. CPU-Z helps me find the timings and voltages ;P Ill test that today or tomorrow.

    thanks for help sofar guys :)
  5. oh ^^ its early in the morning here lol. CPU-Z helps me find the timings and voltages ;P Ill test that today or tomorrow.

    thanks for help sofar guys :)
  6. Ok, now ive been in BIOS: there the voltages and stuff for the RAMs are set to Auto.

    Then i installed CPU Z. Here (in the SPD fan) the voltages shows as follow:

    JEDEC#2 #3 and #4 shows 1,5V each.
    XMP-1600 shows 1.900V

    Any more info your need?
    i got no clue of what alot of stuff in CPU Z meens ^^
  7. IRQL BSOD's can be two things:

    Driver Conflict
    Bad RAM

    As a driver conflict would show up more often, its probably RAM. Run Memtest86 and see if any RAM is bad.
  8. The SPD tab shows the possible configurations for your RAM.

    Pick one of those. The 1333mhz one would be good. Adjust all your RAM settings manually to match that.
  9. Proximon: Do you meen the Frequency? i got as follow for both rams:
    JEDEC#2: 533MHz
    JEDEC#3: 610MHz
    JEDEC#4: 686MHz
    XMP-1600: 800MHz

    not even sure what to config manually in BIOS either ^^ wanna be really careful with what i do :)
  10. How strange. The 533 are expected but then I would have expected 600 and 667.

    Let's try a different approach. You also have a memory tab in CPU-Z. What does that currently say?

    I have to wonder if your CPU is trying to run the memory at the 1600 (800) setting... That would not work because you are not supposed to go much beyond 1.65V.
  11. Type: DDR3
    Channels#: Dual
    Size 4096 MB
    DC Mode: Symmetric

    DRAM frequency: 534.7 MHz
    FSB:DRAM: 5:8
    CAS#Latency (CL): 7.0 clocks
    RAS# to CAS#DELAY (tRCD): 7 clocks
    RAS#Precharge(tRP): 7 clocks
    Cycle Time (tRAS): 20 clocks
    Command Rate (CR): 2T

  12. *FSB: DRAM
  13. OK, that's great.

    Your DRAM voltage should be set to 1.5V then.

    Did you ever run memtest?
  14. Did not run memtest yet. IVe ran that befor a time without any errors.

    So, i should go into my bios and change the auto setup of the ram's voltage til 1,5V?
    Im not sure which of the config in bios to change ^^
    its soo long since ive configured bios lol :|

    im really glad for all the help.
  15. Yes, I'm not familiar with the MSI BIOS, but if it's not very obvious which setting is the right one, just post what you think it is and I'll confirm it.
  16. This is what i think is of imprtance in bios where ram is located:

    Under "Cell Menu"

    1. CPU FSB Frequency (MHz) is 333 (max 800)

    2. Extreme Memory Profile -> disabled

    3. FSB/DRAM ratio -> auto

    4. Adjusted DRAM Frequency -> 1067 (cant change)

    5. DRAM Voltage -> auto
    DDR_VREF_CA_A -> auto
    DDR_VREF_CA_B -> auto
    DDR_VREF_DA_A -> auto
    DDR_VREF_DA_B -> auto
  17. *continue

    MCH Voltage -> auto
    MCH GTL REC -> auto
    VTT FSB Voltage -> auto
    ICH Voltage >- auto

    :) there we go. Hope this is useful info. Im very sacred about changing voltages i have no clue about ^^ dont wanna burn any components hehe :)
  18. I would assume it would be DRAM voltage; 1.5v is hardly stressing RAM anyway; I need to run mine at 1.85v.

    I still think a memtest would be the way to go though...
  19. ok thanks :)

    i will put DRAM Voltage to 1,5 and then run memtest
  20. Now i have changed the DRAM Voltage to 1,5V :)

    I tried to run memtest86 (latest version), but when it gets into the program from floppy, memtest in upper right corner goes from 0% to 100% in few seconds and then restarts the computer hehe.

    Can this be because i use 2x2GB ram?

    -thanks again :)
  21. Bizarre.

    Did you get the latest from ?
  22. pretty sure :)
    I downloaded the version 3.5 from

    never happened before thou :S
  23. the test i used was the regular memtest and not the memtest+. I could try that one too thou
  24. the memtest86+ worked :)

    i ran 16 cycles with no errors
  25. This is going to be one of those hard to find solutions. Let me sum this up a bit:

    Vista freezes (hard lock) frequently, and XP does as well, but a bit less. This sometimes includes BSOD.

    All memory timings, frequency, and voltage have been checked, confirmed, and adjusted where needed.

    The RAM passes memtest86+.

    I have to think this is either a RAM or MB issue.

    If you don't have the latest BIOS that might help:

    Here is a link to the MSI support forums:
  26. I have the resent bios, and there was no fault with my HDDs
  27. That's all I have, sorry.

    Unless it's one of those rare things like bad power from the wall, or strong IF interference... but the regularity of it makes me think MB.
  28. oh well.. i really appreciate all the help that i have gotten thou :)

    i remember a case earlier i read earlier, that a person had run some stresstest on his memory and gotten 40 errors, and when he ran memtest86 he got none.
  29. You could try Prime95. Not sure it would prove anything.
  30. ill try it :)
  31. a small update:

    Since i adjusted the Voltage to 1.5 in BIOS, xp has not gotten a bsod yet.
    So i figured out that i wanted to test Vista again. I installed Far Cry 2.
    I started the game, and at the loading screen it froze. But now, the music didnt loop, it just played like it didnt "freeze".

    I also have tried another recent game, that also froze after intro.

    strange... :S
  32. So XP games are fine?
  33. yepp :)
  34. More voltage to the RAM could never hurt. I have to run mine at 1.85V (synced 1:1 to the FSB as well) to avoid problems, but thats more a nforce problem, although it could apply to you as well.
  35. ok. I can try installing a new set of gfx-drivers, thou recent drivers (couple of months ago) are buggy from Nvidia, they install halfway, then gives an error that it didnt install correctly and i have to restart computer. When i get into xp again i only have standard driver.
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