Computor reboots,black screen or just suts down

im sorry if i posted in wrong area but didnt know where to post this, i just rebuilt my acer and it has ecs elite mother board...a780vm-m2 , amd 5400+ black edition,6 gigs of ram, bfg 9600 gt, fan is over clocked, 650 power supply,windows x.

at first i was using a 55o power supply and after it crashed and rebooted couple time mother fried and i got another one, same one,now with 650 powersupply its is not burning up but is still rebooting or black screen or plian shuts down after hour or less of play

it only crashes when i play call to duty4 or when im dule boxing in wow, i thought uit was a over heating problem so i over clocked the fan on the video card, seemed to help a bit but it is still doing it, im cofused and at wits with this can anyone help me? you have to remeber im a novice at this even though i rebuilt just about the whole system my self.. thank you
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  1. It sounds more like a power problem. Make sure everything is plugged in properly because if your pc aint recieving power it aint going to work for long
  2. How many components in your chassis? Is the wiring a mess? Is there adequate airflow so that you can feel the heat being forced out of the unit. Touch your GPU and see if it leaves a blister. If you want to figure this, you can get spec sheets and check current draw for max settings. Going further, you could use an AMPMETER inside your box at the supply input. It takes balls, but can be done pretty easily.
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