SSD For OS, HDD For Programs

Im Looking to build a nice gaming computer/Entertainment (DVD/TV) Computer. And i've read alot about the SSD drives but im wondering if my setup would prove to be a waste of money to put the Win7 UltimateX64 On the SSD And all the programs on a Sata Drive. Would the speed increase of the os be worth the extra money on the ssd? or should I wait for the prices to drop. Or is the speed increase just not worth it? Thanks.
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  1. depends on how much money you make, and how much you have to spend on toys
  2. If you can I would put the OS and all Programs on the SSD and all files on a HDD.
  3. well money wont really be an option, i just want to make sure that is the best way to do it, I mean i dont have ALOT of money, but im gunna be throwing 1200 at this rig and im only getting a 64Gb SSD so I cant really fit Everything on the SSD. Is there a better way to do it? And when I do it is there a way to lock the SSD so no trash files find there way onto it?
  4. ssd for os and programs with another drive for all data is a great way to go, and 64gig will hold quite a few apps

    just run ccleaner periodically to get rid of junk files, and set your my docs folder to go straight to the mechanical hdd
  5. This is why I come to this forum :-D You guys rock, thanks for the help.
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