Furmark Build 1.8.2 Score Comparison

Rules are simple.

Link To Furmark 1.8.2

Benchmark mode
No extreme burning mode,
No displacement mapping,
No post FX,
No 1.7.0 Mode
No MSAA Samples
No Full screen Mode

1280 x 1024 Resolution
120000 ms Test Duration
Screen Shot Needed as Validation

All Cards Welcome.

All Card Mods Welcome
Good Luck And LETS GET FURRY! :D
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  1. My Personal Score On My Sapphire Radeon (MOD) HD 4850
    Furmark 1.8.2 Score = 4262 Points :D (Not My Best)

    Min = 30
    Max = 52
    Avg = 36

    Max temp = 64'C :D

    Catalyst 10.4

  2. On an acer predator pc with dual ati 4850 cards running furmark (not the multi-gpu version):

    clocks = 700 / 1150.

    Score = 4266


    Min = 30
    Max = 52
    Avg = 36

    Temp-max = 81C

  3. Well I just posted in the other thread but since mine's technically an OC it's probably more appropriate here...
  4. Cool stuff, Nice Scores coming through!

    yes wolfram this post was supposed to be a scoring platform for oc'd cards but not to many have showed up... sigh
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