Raid 0 on a gigabyte p55 ud3...for the first time need help

so i think i know how to set it up in bios, but here is where im lost, so do I got to install the raid driver before i install the O/S ?..and if so do i put the M/B driver cd in first then the O/S driver cd?..

or is this M/B already set for raid 0,that means all i do is setup raid in bios and then just load the O/S.. and should i use the new sata 3 6gb ports?..

i have..
window 7, 64b
gigabyte p55a-ud3
i5 660
2x Intel X25-M Mainstream 80GB
ati 5770 "thinking of crossfire"
mushkin mem 2x 2gb total 4 gb 1666
E.C.O water cooler

i just really need help with this raid 0 setup i know alot of questions sorry guys
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  1. raid drivers are part of the windows install process. in xp for example shortly after win starts loading files a line appears on the bottom that says press F6 to install raid drivers

    do the sata3 ports support raid?? doesn't really matter though as there are no drives on the market that can saturate a sata 2 link anyway
  2. so i wont need the M/B drives for raid 0...?
  3. yes you will need the raid drivers they will be installed as part of the windows install, at the very beginning
  4. well i had just finished trying to do the install...nothing worked i went thru about 30 differrent drives even the M/B cd drive for raid..

    the bios took the raid as it is loading i can see it flash the raid 0 with the total gb, then it gos to windows 7 install, i get to the "custom install" load drivers usb flash key with the raid drives some look like there loading then nothing happens,, i then tryed the m/b cd drives same thing nothing happens...

    i was useing a brand new ssd and my old ssd identical drives, but did i have to clear the old one first before i loaded it..cuz i thought when i did the raid config it would clear all data on the drive?..

    this is killing me now sorry bud...
  5. With windows 7, you should not have to load any drivers during the install process (I have the P55-UD4P). Did you have any problem setting up the stripe on HDD - Should be no diff for SSDs. Apparently INTEL recommonds using a small stripe size (16K), but I believe the smallest stripe size you can select is 64K.

    If you are using the sata6 ports, try the sata3 ports (1st delete your stripe, then reset it up using the Sata3 ports), just to see if that's the problem.

    I had no problems setting up a pair of HDDs in raid0 on my board and using win 7 64 bit install disk, A pair of SSDs should not be any different. Note: biggest diff in our MBs is that you have the "A". I decided against getting the "A" version. Not sure if current raid 0 SSDs saturate the SATA 3 interface. Also I opted not to raid a pair of SSD as it does not improve the Random read/writes very much, only the sequential read/writes.
  6. didn't realize they integrated the raid drives in win7, is that just intel chipsets or others as well

    RetiredChief said:
    Not sure if current raid 0 SSDs saturate the SATA 3 interface.

    each sata connection is a separate line (sata's main advantage) so if a single drive doesn't saturated the it's own line then raid should be no different
  7. ^ Not sure. All my systems are intel based. I've installed win 7 on P965 and P55 and H55 system (Raid0 on first two) and on my two laptops. None required (F6) drivers. On the P55 (I5-750) I dropped the Raid 0 and installed the Intel G2 80 Gig SSD.

    You are probably correct on SATA3 vs Sata6, Just looked at a performance review of 4 SSDs in Raid 0. MB used was a Asus P6X58D. It only has 2 Sata 6 connectors, would have been hard to put 4 SATA drives on the Sata6 connection, so thy must have used the Sata3.
  8. got it all done thx guys.. very fast wow
  9. Glad it worked out for you, but bear in mind you will have to run a trim utility periodically. Windows will not run the trim command through a raid controller.
  10. ive heard about something like that a cuple time.. where& what one should i use trim that is
  11. I don't know

    check with the drive manufacturer, or perhaps microsoft has a downloadable option
  12. now is there any way that i could just add a 1 tb hard drive to the mix,
    for every day stuff.
    and just leave the ssd raid 0 config. just for the o/s and a game,
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    yes it is fairly common actually

    use the raid array for the os, games, and any apps; 160gig should be more apps than you'll use. then add a 1 or 2 tb for data
  14. i got a 500 gb on hand now do i just install it..

    it has stuff on it but i dont care about it so.

    1 install it and then it should just show up on computer

    2. then format it.

    3. how do i keep day 2 day stuff from going on the ssd, and stay on the hard drive i just installed
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