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My name is Max Gray. I am writing ths e-mail, because I can not delete the game Temple of Jewels from my game menu.
And lately, I can not download free trial games. Each time I try, it comes up with a (K-Status error). I would like to know what I can do to correct this error
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  1. Go to Control Panel, Add Remove Software, find Temple of Jewels or name of software company that made it and uninstall. Uninstall other "installers" or software that came with game.
  2. That has been tried already. The game will not uninstall
  3. In case of no uninstaller, you might need to remove registry entries if this creates errors popping up:
    Open windows explorer and search program files folder for the game or mfg. of it. See if it has an Uninstall.exe in it, if not just delete the whole game folder. It may also have saved parts of it in Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data, delete any you find there as well. Go to Start, Programs and delete entries by right click the shortcut and choose delete.
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