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I have a powercolor hd 4830 and whenever i open catalyst control center my video card starts to fail randomly.. I get this message that says your video driver and stopped working and has recovered or something to that effect. Right before it happens every time my screen goes black and i hear the fan on the card die for a spit second and then it kicks back on. Also there are all these blue dots and sometimes random colored lines that made me think my video card was bad.

The weird thing is whenever I turn Catalyst Control Center off the video card runs seemingly fine. It plays The Witcher fine on my 42 inch HD tv.

I also switched my display to a small monitor and it does the same thing whenever i turn CCC on. As I said it runs fine with it off but even if i open it for a minute and turn it off I still have to restart my comp before it starts working properly. I couldnt find this problem anywhere else so any help will be much appreciated
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  1. i use to have the same problem with my old Radeon X800XL, it ended up dying after a while. then i just RMA the card and got a new one. i would suggest you to send ATI a email about your problem and see what they can do for you, also if you have another video card try using that one and see if the problem persist, then you know that your card is faulty. in fact, if you want just RMA the video card and they will evaluate it and find out the problem. but first try another card and see.
  2. it used to give me the same color dots in my screen after playing a game for 5 minutos or so. hope this helps
  3. try uninstalling all ATI software/drivers... then after a reboot re-install the Catalyst.

    "This tool is used to delete all ATI related files from your system. This includes ATI CATALYST software suite and any ATI Demos"
  4. But it works perfectly fine without CCC running. Did this happen for you also? That is the thing that makes me think its not the card. I put an HD 3000 type card in it before the 4830 and CCC ran fine on it. It does make me feel better finally finding someone with the same problem. Thanks for your reply
  5. I sort of had the same problem, but it was only when i attempted to overclock the card via the ccc (driver failure, screen black-out etc, but under normal clocks with or without the ccc my cards performed normally) The solution that worked for me was to download the ATI Tray Tools and use that instead of the CCC.

    What driver version are you using?
    Are you using multiple monitors?
    Any overclocking?
    Advanced CCC or basic CCC?

    As grieve said definitely try reinstalling everything

    EDIT: hit the lousy enter button too soon.
  6. So you dont think my card is the problem?
  7. Personally im leaning to a software issue due to the fact that it works fine without the ccc enabled, but it really could go either way.

    However it makes sense to first try reinstalling the drivers/software to see if that is the problem (as it will only take a few minutes to test) compared to returning the card and hoping that will fix it. Better to be certain the card is the problem before you RMA it.

    Also (again) have you done any overclocking on your card or are you using a multiple monitor setup?
  8. Sorry didnt see the added questions.
    I did some overclocking with it but i put the seetings back to default and it still does it. Not using multi monitors. using latest driver for ccc...using advanced but does it on basic as well. Will that uninstaller work on my HD 4830 since it says something about Mobility Radeon X1800 at the top?
  9. Make sure that the overdrive feature is actually disabled and then see if it works. This is actually a fairly common problem with the CCC. If you do want to overclock your card i highly suggest using the ATI Tray Tools.
  10. Downloaded it at your suggestion. Will try it as soon as i get home. Thanks for the help guys ill report back tomorrow and see if anything works.
  11. well you didnt mention that you oc the card, that takes another route now lol. try what the other user said, uninstall and reinstall. see if that solve the problems, but you said you used a HD 3000 and it worked perfectly so maybe its the card, you never know.
  12. well...I believe it was a combination of still having something from the HD 3000 on my comp and the over clocking. Finally got the catalyst control center to work after using my device driver to reinstall the driver. Now Whenever I use the over clocking on the ccc it seems to slow down my system and gives me worse frame rates then if i disable overclocking.

    The ATI tray tools thing crashes my comp to the blue screen of death every time i open the over clocking options and change anything at all. It says something about ati2mtag.sys in the error. When i use ccc to overclock it doesnt crash but it does start to do the random dots and lines when i overclock it too much.

    Is this normal behavior or does it sound like a buggy card? I thought the fact that ATI tools tray crashes my comp when i overclock it at all was weird. Also the ATI tools tray doesnt detect my fan but on the ccc i can control the fan speed.
  13. In order to fully remove any older drivers, under Add or Remove Programs, 'uninstall' Ati Software Uninstall Utility. That should get rid of everything. REBOOT
    Cancel any auto driver installs for your OS once it reboots. Install the new driver. REBOOT again.
    You shouldnt have any problems...
  14. actually after trying several different uninstall/reinstallations the only thing that finally made it work was to uninstall the catalyst control center with the latest ccc pack. uninstalling it any other way resulted in being unable to reinstall or open the ccc. dunno why but it gave me much frustration and trouble before i finally figured it out. My main concern here is to simply make sure everything im experiencing is related to software problems or overheating as i believe and that i dont need to RMA my card. Thanks for all the help guys
  15. I had a very similar problem with a gigabyte hd 3870. I sent it to gigabyte and they replaced the card as faulty. I'm not saying that it couldn't be the software but it sounds like it might be the card itself. If you want to try to reinstall the software, try downloading the driver and CCC again just in case there was a corruption problem initially. Are you using 8.12?
  16. like i stated before the only way to know that is a software or hardware problem is to try another card, if the other card works with no problem then you know something is bad with your card. try a friend's ATI card and see what happens.
  17. Once again I have CCC up and running alright now. I only experience problems now when overclocking and it actually seems to give me lower frames in games. Does anyone else find this extremly strange seeing as overclocking is supposed to IMPROVE performance right?
  18. Not every piece of hardware is overclockable man.
  19. Its simple , don`t use ccc , just download driver only . I only use ati cards & have never used ccc `cos its buggy as hell, i have hd 4800 never needed ccc
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