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I have overclocked my Q9650 to 3.6 GHz on ASUS Maximus formula and while linX stress testing I am getting max temp on North bridge is 61 and on South bridge is 49. So I wanna know. Are the temps are safe ? what is the safe and gud temps for SB and NB?

If u recommend me any heatsink or cooler so which one will be the best ?
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  1. Hard to replace the heatsinks on those. It's all connected as one big heatsink. Try getting something like an Antec spotcool fan and blow on the largest finned area.

    Or, on the very high end you could get a full cover waterblock setup for it. Blocks ohh $200, rad, $50, pump $70. Might as well do the CPU then too and toss the GPUs in there too.

    Actually, don't forget linx is just a benchmarking stress tool. Under normal use you won't be seeing those temps.
  2. At Idle with 3.6 Ghz Q9650, My NB is 56 degree and SB is 46 - Is this any gud ???
  3. GOOD. Spelled GOOD, not GUD, your not texting. Should be fine for temps.. I'm sure it's within Mobo specs.
  4. ok thanks for ur time
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