GTX 260 Temperatures

I just got a EVAG Nvidia GTX 260

I was curious what normal/avg. temperatures are for idle/under load.

While typing this post, it is sitting at 60 C


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  1. My Evga GTX260 sits at 45*c and gets to 60-65*c while gaming.
  2. fairly normal temps. if you are uncomfortable with them, you might want to go to EVGA website and download Precision Tool so you can have manual control of your fan speed on the card. 60c would be fine under load but that's a bit high for viewing a tech forum.
  3. I just bought the new 55nm GTX 260 (which is crap compared to the 65nm because the cooler is smaller and doesn't OC as well, BLAH!). Anyways. I sit around 49-51C idle and depending on the game anywhere from 60-80C. Crysis seems to heat this thing up like a furnace and after 15 minutes it hovers around 75-80C. But I do have a nice warm appartment. I had it at my buddies place in his basement and it idled 42C and didn't climb over 70C once.

    It has ALOT to do with the ambient temps and your case flow, more than you think.
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