Asus P5Q PRO HD wont boot

Ok so i just built this monster of a computer yesterday and all the hardware works fine but for some reason the HD isnt booting yet its there in the BIOS,i have everything connected as directed in the handbook but for some reason it doesnt boot, I connected it to all of the different SATA connectors but nothing changes.I hooked the HD up to a different computer to see if it was a hardware problem and it worked fine. There is a beep when it starts which may mean there is something set up wrong.
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  1. What do you mean HDD isnt booting? Is there any OS installed on that hdd? One short beep usually means POST OK
  2. there is no OS installed
  3. Do you mean that when you go to install an OS, the hard drive isn't detected?
  4. ChildOfWar said:
    there is no OS installed

    Well if theres no OS installed than what do you expect to boot from that HDD, free space? ;] You have to install OS first.
  5. What's the problem if its going into BIOS? Pop in the Vista DVD and then boot.
  6. If you Installing Vista it should have the SATA Drivers. If your Installing XP then you need your SATA Drivers on a Floppy and press F6 at install to load them so XP can recognize your HDD... Or you can Slipstream your drivers directly into your XP disc..
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