Maximum temperature for motherboard

Happy Spring guys,

Would you mind giving a piece of Scrutiny on the maximum Temp of motherboards in particular ASUS mobo.

Just a slight observation, although not a biggie: my Asus m3a78-t goes up to 42 degrees Celsius, in this case its aircooled.

Thank you so much Guys!

take care!

CPU: Phenom II 940 @ 3.6GHZ (1.47v)
PSU: Antec Quattro 1000w
GPU: Sapphire Toxic Edition 4870 1gb
RAM: Corsair 8gb 800MHz DDR2 pc6400 twinx
OS: Vista Business Upgrade 64bit
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  1. If you're talking about the CPU temps then this should be just fine... If it's something else on the motherboard, then I can't really help much more than this. But 42C doesn't sound too hot... My case temp is reading 34C currently with a NB temp of 37C, Core0 at 38C & Core1 also at 38C. I'm running with a Core2Duo (No OC) and an Akasa AK-955 cooler. Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P, 4GB DDR3 and a Radeon HT4850 512MB.

    A quad core CPU would naturally generate a little more heat than a dual and the AMDs tend to run slightly hotter than the Intels, so although I haven't had experience with the Phenom II platform personally, these figures seem reasonable. You'd know pretty quickly if the temps were too high...
  2. Motherboards don't actually get hot. Just the CPU, GPU, and Northbridge.
  3. I kinda notice these when i open the PC Probe , an application from asus to monitor temps.

    and it has cpu temp , mb temp etc.etc. The cpu is pretty manageable but i also see the mb temp going up until around 40-41c
  4. Motherboard temps around that range are actually okay. Mine is running about the same at 43C.
  5. ohh I see..

    thanks Chin_
  6. Don't worry. My 680i SLI motherboard reaches 60 degrees C when gaming. 42 C shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Thank you so much G3!

    You know yesterday..I called ASUS tech Support USA , just out of curiosity ,,and the TECH person said that around 50-55c you need to pay attention..and around 55-60c that what they call as danger ZOne ,so i think we are all in good shape then...

    I have thought that if i wanted to do a Crossfirex with this Sapphire toxic 4870 1 gig,, I needed to prepare my case temp to a decent level thats why this mobo temp issue came about . Anyways I think were on the right track.

    Thank you so much Guys!

    Have a great week end!
  8. Not sure if the Tech told you or not , but your Asus probe II will sound the alarm at 45c. So on a hot summer day you may want to raise it's threshold to 50c to keep the red alert warning from going off.
  9. yes thats correct uncleF..

    Thank you so much for the reply...

    actually I encountered that situation, from then on I disable the sound on pcprobe..

    It works pretty good though!

    Take it easy!
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