Radeon 3870 Crossfiring problems

Hey can i get some help.
I looked all through the CCC and I can't find any crossfiring enabling.
I went to the ati.amd.com site to find an update but all i got was an error when i loaded my information.

I have ATI CCC version 8.8.
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  1. Is the device manager seeing both? Power going to both? Crossfire bridge? It should be under 'Crossfire X , Configure' in the Advanced settings mode...

    In any event, your next question is going to be 'how do I know that it's running?' in which case you'll want to install CCC 8.11, right-click on the icon in the taskbar and enable the 'Show CrossFireX Status Icon' option.
  2. Problems already solved sorry, been a while. The 2nd PCI-e 16x slot is deffective. not working.
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