Vcore set at 1.3V in Bios but CPU-Z says 1.2V ? Which is correct?

Increased FSB to 1333MHZ, put memory in synchronous mode @ 667MHz, and first overclock got Q6600 to run at 3Ghz. After reading around I set Vcore at 1.3V

Ran Prime for 4 hours last night, no crashes, but core temps after 3 hours were 50 - 55 C, which many class as too hot. So, perhaps I should drop VCore? At idle, core temps with this overclock are 35-40C

Looked at CPU-Z this afternoon, and its saying the core voltage is 1.2, which is puzzling me because in the bios I set it at 1.3 (1st paragraph of my post)

So which one is right? Which one do I quote? How do I adjust Vcore if I dont even know which one is right?
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  1. I know I have read online that its normal for the vcore to flux .05v from what its set at so say your set right at 1.300 it would be normal for it to flux between 1.35 and 1.25. If thats true or not Im not sure but I know I have seen that myself when ocing.
  2. So you set it at the average you think the CPU will need?? Interesting.

    Its a funny one. BIOS voltage monitor 1.28, Speedfan 1.22, CPU-z 1.216 and coretemp 1.3125 (which seems to be pulled directly from the bios setting because its exactly the same.
  3. As long as its not going .05 over what you set I wouldnt worry about it.
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